FOZZY's BILLY GREY: DONALD TRUMP Is The 'Best President In My Lifetime'

January 20, 2021

FOZZY guitarist Billy Grey has praised Donald Trump as the "best president" of his lifetime.

Grey, who has previously shared memes questioning mask mandates and suggesting the presidential election was somehow stolen, made his comments as Trump left the White House for the final time of his presidency, ahead of the inauguration of Joe Biden. He then took a helicopter to the nearby Andrews base, where he spoke, and then boarded the Air Force One plane for Florida.

Earlier today, Billy took to his Facebook page to write: "I don't care what you think about this and I'm gonna say it, GODBLESS TRUMP! BEST PRESIDENT IN MY LIFETIME!"

Grey is apparently not the only member of FOZZY to have supported Trump in his re-election efforts. Singer Chris Jericho, who was born in Manhasset, New York before his family moved to Canada (he currently resides in Florida),reportedly donated thousands of dollars to Trump's 2020 presidential campaign, as well as to WinRed and Trump committees.

Last November, Jerichoreceived criticism for claiming that he isn't "a political person" despite it being known that he was donating money to Trump.

Earlier this month, Sebastian Bach took a swipe at Jericho, suggesting that the FOZZY singer and wrestling superstar bears some responsibility for the violent siege of the U.S. Capitol.

After writer and comedian Tony Posnanski tweeted that all supporters of President Donald Trump, including those who voted for Trump, donated to Trump, and wore any "MAGA" merchandise "are to blame for what happened at the Capitol," Bach chimed in: This includes wrestlers".

FOZZY spent the last few months putting the finishing touches on its new studio album for a 2021 release.

Chris recently revealed that FOZZY's next LP will contain 12 songs, including one cover.

Guitarist Rich Ward and producer Johnny Andrews are once again "doing the lion's share" of the songwriting for the new LP, which is being recorded primarily in Atlanta, Georgia.

Released in August 2019, "Nowhere To Run" was FOZZY's third single to hit Top 10 on rock radio, following "Judas" and "Painless".

In addition to producing "Judas", Andrews previously co-wrote FOZZY's "Lights Go Out" track back in 2014. He has also written songs with the likes of ALL THAT REMAINS, THREE DAYS GRACE and HALESTORM.

FOZZY is Jericho, Ward, Grey, Frank Fontsere (drums),and Randy Drake (bass).

I don't care what you think about this and I'm gonna say it,

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