FU MANCHU: 'Monster Garage' Photos Posted Online

March 15, 2004

FU MANCHU have uploaded several photos from the March 11 taping of their live appearance on the Discovery Channel TV show, "Monster Garage". Check them out here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Says singer/guitarist Scott Hill, There was no picture taking while we were playing the songs live, so these were taken during soundcheck. It was a very cool project the team was working on, but for obvious reasons the project must be kept secret until the show airs. We played 'Written In Stone' for the show. Many guys from 'West Coast Choppers' came to the garage to see us. They kept yelling songs out for us to play. I think we played, 'King Of The Road', 'Godzilla', and Jesse James requested 'Saturn 3'. We had a great time. I think the episode airs in June. Jesse was very cool. A nice guy."

FU MANCHU recently made available a new three-song CD, "Something Beyond", via their official web site in a special limited-edition pressing. In addition to the title cut, the CD includes the track "So Far Behind" and the BLACK FLAG cover "Six Pack". A two-song vinyl version containing the songs "So Far Behind" and "Something Beyond" was also released. The band, who are currently unsigned, expect to ink a new deal and release a new studio album by the summer.

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