October 25, 2006

Norwegian cult doom band FUNERAL has inked a deal with Tabu Recordings.

Following a three-year hiatus and a personnel reshuffle caused by bassist Einar Frederiksen's untimely passing in 2002, FUNERAL continue the doom-spreading crusade that once earned them the label of "most depressing band in the world" with their new album release, "From These Wounds", via Tabu Recordings on December 4 in Norway and January 29 in Europe.

Constantly challenging themselves musically not to bind their offerings to pure funeral doom (a subgenre spawned by their earlier recordings),FUNERAL — including original members Anders Eek and Christian Loos — discharged the opera-oriented female vocals of Hanne Hukkleberg in favour of Frode Forsmo's (MINAS TIRITH) more somber timbre.

FUNERAL's trademark — dusky riffs and languorous rhythms, coupled with an injection of more contemporary, sensuous vitality — give new album, "From These Wounds", a more mature and earnest, even accessible feel to the proceedings.

Recorded and produced by Kjetil Ottersen at Vektor Studio in Norway, "From These Wounds" — weaving melancholia-inducing riffs with sagacious lyrical content — makes the perfect companion during the forthcoming dark and grim months this year. Not for the faint-hearted.

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