April 27, 2002

Finnish death rockers GANDALF have split up after a nine-year run that saw the group release two full-length albums, 1998's Deadly Fairytales and 2001's Rock Hell. Drummer and founding member Nalle sterman has issued the following statement confirming the band's break-up:

It's with sorrow and regret I write this following statement. After nine years of hard work and dedication one era has come to an end. Under the circumstances I find it impossible to continue being the leader for the band I have put my whole heart and soul into. Too much stress and bullshit has made it not to be fun to play in this band anymore. And if it's not fun to play then what's the point of continuing. I want to thank everyone who has supported GANDALF over the years but life goes on.

I have some very nice memories from the years with this band but lately those good times have been overshadowed by the bad. It's under circumstances like these I have grown to see no future for GANDALF and have thereby taken necessary actions for a better future. There was an unwritten bond between our singer Jari and our guitarist Timo that if anyone of us leaves then the band can't continue. Well, I have left the band I formed. Right now I will re-evaluate my relationship with the music business and undertake necessary action in order to start enjoying life again. To cite Petri Walli (RIP) from KINGSTON WALL: 'Something new borns when something old dies'. GANDALF R.I.P. 1993-2002. Yours in metal, Nalle sterman.

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