GEEZER BUTLER Remembers EDDIE VAN HALEN: 'I Can't Believe He's No Longer With Us'

November 9, 2020

Geezer Butler has lamented the passing of Eddie Van Halen one month of after the celebrated musician died, saying, "I can't believe he's no longer with us." The BLACK SABBATH bassist also confirmed a long-running rumor that the band had worked with Eddie Van Halen, and that the guitarist even co-wrote a track with the Birmingham metal legends back in the 1990s.

Butler made his comments while speaking to Eonmusic about the recent reissue of his solo catalog ("Plastic Planet", "Black Science" and "Ohmwork"),which is available now via BMG.

Recalling the rehearsals and recording sessions for 1993's "Cross Purposes" — the only SABBATH album to feature the bassist and singer Tony MartinGeezer said: "I enjoyed that album as I wrote quite a bit of it. However, towards the end of the tour, I had lost interest in that particular lineup."

While admitting to tiring of that particular incarnation, which also featured mainstay Tony Iommi and drummer Bobby Rondinelli, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer did, however, praise vocalist Martin for his performance in the studio, commenting: "I thought Tony Martin had a great voice and did a great job on the album."

He then went on to confirm the rumor that Eddie had contributed to the writing of one track on the album — widely cited to be closer "Evil Eye" — stating: "One of the highlights was when Eddie Van Halen came down to the rehearsal place and jammed with us, and helped write one of the songs."

When pressed about what became of the recording session, Butler said: "I've no idea what happened to the tape, but that was great seeing and jamming with Eddie again."

Speaking about the loss of Van Halen, Geezer added: "I can't believe he's no longer with us."

Read Eonmusic's entire interview with Butler from Tuesday, November 10.

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