GLENN HUGHES Says New Collaboration With TONY IOMMI Is 'A Mammoth Record'

January 31, 2005

In a recent interview with, legendary vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) spoke in greater detail about his new collaboration with BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi, which also features Kenny Aronoff (ex-JOHN MELLENCAMP) on drums. The trio have cut 13 tracks, all produced by Bob Marlette, who worked on Tony's first solo album ("Iommi") in 2000 and the BLACK SABBATH"Reunion" album in 1998, and whose recent productions with SEETHER and SHINEDOWN are currently in the U.S. Billboard charts.

Commented Hughes: "We finished it about a month ago with Kenny Aronoff. It is a mammoth, spectacle extravaganza record. It is a huge, huge album. It is classic rock and modern rock with Tony's guitar sound and Big Daddy's soulful overtones.

"It was written in Birmingham in October. Tony and I wrote about 18 songs. We realized we were missing something and we realized it so we brought in Kenny Aronoff. We didn't want a session guy, instead we wanted someone who would play with us in a live setting. When we started playing with Kenny we knew we had what we wanted. The album was recorded between December 3rd and December the 20th at Monnow Valley in Wales. I think it really is a mammoth record."

Asked if there is any chance for Hughes and Iommi to support the album with a tour, Glenn replied, "Tony and I will tour the album properly when we get the right release date and the right tour in front of us. This album is too big to ignore."

As for a possible release date, Glenn said, "I have heard the press will be flown into New York and London and have a listening party. It is a big record and when the fans hear it then they will understand why I am making such a big deal out of it. It makes a big statement. . .It is going to be a contender; it is going to be a major release. I am building this record up but when it comes, everyone will understand it is a huge release."

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