GLENN HUGHES Will Keep Writing Music Until His Final Day

August 5, 2020

In a brand new interview with the "Thunder Underground" podcast, legendary bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes was asked if he will continue writing music up until his "final day." He responded (hear audio below): "I will. People ask me that question — not all the time, but they do ask that question.

"A good friend of mine, who you know of — I won't say who he is — but we've had a conversation about retirement. And I know a lot of people older than me that are still going — [Mick] Jagger and Robert Plant; friends of mine. They're still going 'cause they love music.

"If you are a musician who's a songwriter, you just continue to write," he added. "And that's what I do — I've been doing it for 50 years. But more so since I've been sober, for the last 28 years, I've been writing more proper songs, about recovery.

"In fact, I don't know if you know, but most of my work deals with the human condition and about, pretty much, the love factor and recovery and being free, and that's where I'm at."

Hughes also talked about the possibility of making new music with BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi, with whom he worked on 1986's "Seventh Star" (released under the BLACK SABBATH banner),as well as "Fused" and a collection of sessions tracks titled "The 1996 DEP Sessions".

"I speak to Tony once in a while, and we have a bit of a chuckle, 'cause every time we speak, we talk about doing some more work," Glenn said. "And all I can say is I know Tony's doing riffs at the moment back home; he's got his studio there.

"I've done three albums with Tony — I've done 'Fused', I've done 'DEP Sessions' and 'Seventh Star', so with Tony and I, it can happen overnight; it just happens really quickly," he continued.

"All I care about is his health, his great relationship with his wife and daughter and he's happy and he's healthy. But it wouldn't surprise me if Tony and I did something else. Is it on the cards at the moment? Not today, but you never know."

Known as the "voice of rock," Hughes spent key years of his career as the beloved bassist and vocalist of DEEP PURPLE, appearing on the classic albums "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Come Taste the Band". More recently, he has been playing various hits and deep cuts from the DEEP PURPLE catalog, including "Burn", "Stormbringer", "Sail Away" and "Smoke On The Water", as part of his "Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live" tour, which was launched in 2017.

In 2009, Hughes formed BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION with blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa, keyboardist Derek Sherinian (DREAM THEATER, SONS OF APOLLO) and drummer Jason Bonham (LED ZEPPELIN, FOREIGNER).

Last year, Hughes joined THE DEAD DAISIES as the band's new bassist and vocalist, replacing John Corabi (MÖTLEY CRÜE) and Marco Mendoza (THIN LIZZY).

Hughes's first album with THE DEAD DAISIES, "Holy Ground", will be released on January 22, 2021.

Photo credit: David Pickles

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