January 13, 2004

GOD AMONG INSECTS, the Swedish "old-school" death metal band featuring vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula (DARK FUNERAL),guitarist Lord K (a.k.a. Kenth Philipson) (THE PROJECT HATE),bassist Tomas Elofsson (SANCTIFICATION) and drummer Tobias Gustafsson (VOMITORY),have set "World Wide Death" as the title of their debut album, tentatively due this summer through Threeman Recordings. The CD will be recorded over a 10-day period beginning on March 20 at Abyss Studios with engineer Tommy TÃĪgtgren.

"World Wide Death" track listing:

01. Legions Of Darkness
02. A Gush Of Blood
03. Headless Nun Whore
04. Uprising Of The Rotten
05. Chainsawed Christians
06. Severe Facial Reconstruction
07. Wretched Hatching
08. Purified In Carnage

For more information on GOD AMONG INSECTS, visit the band's newly launched web site at this location.

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