GOD FORBID Prepare To Release New Album

December 9, 2003

The New Jersey quintet GOD FORBID have just released a new low-priced EP entitled "Better Days". The EP features the new track, "Better Days" from the group's highly anticipated new effort, "Gone Forever", along with an exclusive new song only available on this disc. The set also contains a demo version of "Wicked", which appeared on 2001's breakthrough release "Determination", and one song each from the "Out of Misery" and "Reject The Sickness" albums. "Gone Forever", set for February 24 release, was recorded at Trax East Studios by Eric Rachel (ATREYU, A LIFE ONCE LOST) and mixed by acclaimed producer Colin Richardson (CHIMAIRA, FEAR FACTORY).

GOD FORBID recently wrapped up a national U.S. tour as a part of MTV2's Headbanger's Ball package and are now preparing for a busy new year. Doc Coyle (guitars/vocals) further describes the group's upcoming plans: "I just wanted to let everyone know what an amazing time we had on the Headbanger's Ball Tour, and also to thank everyone in the bands and crews from SHADOWS FALL, LAMB OF GOD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and UNEARTH, who kicked ass on the first half of the tour. I think everyone involved understood that this was something very special, and could feel that the tide of musical taste among the people is finally starting to swing back towards talented, intelligent and honest heavy music. It was an honor to be a part of, and a joy to be around our best friends in music. For all that attended, thank you for coming out and making this tour what it was. I think we all owe MTV2 some gratitude for really pumping the tour up and promoting the shit out of it. I really hope MTV keeps supporting the right music because it makes it a lot easier to do what we do with that type of support.

"With all of that said, GOD FORBID has been on the road since August and will take December and January off to rest before we start our world tour for the 'Gone Forever' album around February. Also, keep an eye out for the 'Better Days' EP and the new video that should debut on 'Headbanger's Ball' and 'Uranium' next month. See ya soon.”

This EP is only available at select locations and if you can't find it, order it online at www.centurymedia.com It is also available at select Hot Topic locations.

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