GREAT WHITE Benefit Concert In Virginia Cancelled

September 4, 2003

Jay Nedry, owner of Jaxx nightclub in West Springfield, Virginia cancelled the GREAT WHITE show scheduled for Friday, September 5. Nedry states that it is due to cash flow problems. Citing recent losses, plus having rent and taxes due, Nedry has no means to keep the show alive.

Both the band's agent and manager have tried to resolve the club's cash-flow problem by restructuring the show's contract and the donation to the Station Family Fund. As of 6:30 p.m. (PST) [Wednesday, September 3] the show was still trying to be worked out. However the owner has declined all restructuring attempts. He has also cancelled the upcoming GYPSY, CROW and FIREHOUSE shows.

Over 50 people from Rhode Island, including victims of the tragic fire were heading to West Springfield attend the GREAT WHITE show. For many, this show was to be the start of a healing process.

The Station Family Fund is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization coordinated by the survivors of the fire. They have pledged that 100% of all monies raised by the fund will go directly to the immediate needs of the victims and their families.

Meanwhile, GREAT WHITE frontman Jack Russell spoke with about the band's coping with bandmember Ty Longley's death during the fire. He talked about how Longley's girlfriend Heidi and the baby have been an important part of the band's life, "She came out, actually, the night before she gave birth," Russell said. "She came onstage for the 100 seconds of silence that we have every night. It was very emotional. I went into 'Save Your Love', started thinking about her and Ty...She talked to the crowd for a minute, then we went into 'Save Your Love', and I just... I could barely sing the song. I was thinking about those two, just how horrifying that must be, you know?" Read the entire interview here.

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