GRIM REAPER's 'Fear No Evil' Revisited In New WEEZER Video

July 14, 2005 is reporting that a cleverly re-edited version of the "Fear No Evil" video by GRIM REAPER, the semi-popular '80s British heavy metal band fronted by powerhouse vocalist Steve Grimmett (later of ONSLAUGHT and LIONSHEART),is the basis for the new clip from WEEZER, "We Are All on Drugs".

In the video, the leather-clad rockers storm the stronghold of an evil wolfman and liberate his human slaves with the power of REAPER guitarist Nick Bowcott's axe and pug-faced frontman Grimmett's pipes.

According to a posting on, the whole thing kind of started as a joke, and spiraled out of control from there.

"This video (let's call it 'We Are All on Drugs V1.0') is a cleverly re-edited version of the 'Fear No Evil' video by GRIM REAPER," the post reads. "The video was prepared as an experiment and was immediately embraced as funny and strange — not a bad match for WEEZER. Mucho thanks and props to GRIM REAPER for letting WEEZER use the footage."

The video is actually just "We Are All on Drugs" played over the REAPER clip, with a few edits made (WEEZER frontman Rivers Cuomo's vocals now pseudo-sync up with Grimmett's mouth and his guitar solo now matches up with Bowcott's, etc.). According to WEEZER's label, Geffen Records, the GRIM REAPER version of "Drugs" will only see the light of day in "international" markets (i.e. the U.K. and Canada),and the band fully intends on shooting a proper video for the U.S.

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