September 21, 2017

Acclaimed producer/guitarist Waldemar Sorychta (GRIP INC., LACUNA COIL, MOONSPELL, SAMAEL) has resurrected the German technical thrash band DESPAIR. Joining him in the group's current incarnation are former MORGOTH vocalist Marc Grewe, original DESPAIR drummer Markus "Makka" Freiwald and new bassist Marius Ickert.

The revamped DESPAIR is in the studio putting the finishing touches on a reworked version of the band's debut album, "History Of Hate", which was released in 1988. The songs from the original LP have been rearranged and will feature new lyrics by Grewe.

Waldemar tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET: "This is not a reunion. I wouldn't say I am an enemy of reunions, but in most cases it seems pointless to me to share a stage with old man trying to play old songs i think about old good times.

"After beeing asked year by year about DESPAIR, a new idea came to my mind. The debut album, 'History Of Hate', which was also the birthday of Century Media, sounds more like a gathering of parts than a compact album with great songs. The blood was young, the view naïve, but the passion big. With the time, the passion went to a higher stage, so why not the songs too?

"I got the idea to re-write the whole album with chosen original parts and remake to a modern songs how I would play them today. After the first try, I was surpriced how great it sounds, so I continued.

"It wouldn't make sense to build a band just on memories, so I asked Marc Grewe to join as a singer. MORGOTH was the second band on Century Media and Marc became a great friend. Since then, he was singing all backing vocals for DESPAIR records with me. In a way, he was always kind of a part of us.

"What came out is amazing mix between original ideas with deep roots and a total modern sound with a face of heavy grovy trash band 2017.

"Original member Markus Freiwald is on the drums.

"A very young talent, my nephew, so also my blood, Marius Ickert as a bass player is completing the band.

"The main priority was to make it special and true. The whole idea is round and not built up artificial."

DESPAIR will perform at the Ruhrpott Metal Meeting in Oberhausen, Germany in early December. More shows will be announced soon.

DESPAIR was the first band to release an album through the Century Media label, and "History Of Hate" featured lead vocals by Century Media founder Robert Kampf.

Former DESPAIR guitarist Marek Greschek committed suicide in May 2013 at the age of 45.

Freiwald joined German thrash metal veterans SODOM in December 2010 as the replacement for Bobby Schottkowski.

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