GUNS N' ROSES Fire Producer (Again),Continue Work On New CD

February 12, 2002

GUNS N' ROSES, featuring sole original member Axl Rose on vocals, have fired producer Roy Thomas Baker (i.e. QUEEN),who has been working with the group for the past two years on their perennially-delayed Chinese Democracy CD, according to Allstar. Baker first started collaborating with GUNS N' ROSES in the spring of 2000 when he was called in to do a little “additional production” with Sean Beavan (i.e. MARILYN MANSON, SLAYER),the producer of the record at that time, and had been in the studio with the band ever since. Beavan himself only lasted a year before getting the boot by Axl shortly after Roy got involved with the project. Also recently relieved of his duties was GUNS N' ROSES' original A&R guy, Tom Zutaut, who had been brought in last year at Rose's request to try and act as a go-between the singer and Interscope. Needless to say, no tentative release date for Chinese Democracy has yet been announced.

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