GUNS N' ROSES Record Player Now Available Via PRO-JECT

March 12, 2019

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, manufacturer of premium hi-fi turntables and electronics, has announced a new "Artist Series" special edition turntable collaboration with GUNS N' ROSES.

GUNS N' ROSES are a staple of the rock music scene. Whether you grew up with their music or not, it's impossible to not feel their pure energy and emotion when you hear their instantly recognizable musical style. The virtuosity and the honesty of their performances is laid down for us all by the industry-leading analogue recording and production techniques used at the time they released some of their most popular work. Everything in a classic GN'R track sounds real, everything fits together and everything sounds better than many modern recordings. So, what better way to experience their iconic sound in the modern era than with an award-winning turntable that's designed in their honor?

The GUNS N' ROSES record player is based on the popular Pro-Ject Essential III A turntable. With high-quality audiophile components throughout — including the Ortofon OM 10 elliptical cartridge, the stable belt drive system topped with a precision diamond-cut aluminium pulley, and the 8.6" aluminium tonearm — the sound delivered can easily put more expensive systems to shame.

But what makes the GUNS N' ROSES record player unique is its appearance. For the first time with one of their turntables, Pro-Ject has directly printed artwork on to the Acryl-IT E platter. Using a meticulous printing process, the instantly recognisable GUNS N' ROSES logo fills the entire 12" platter surface. The end result is a yellow hue that glows above the gloss black MDF plinth, which itself features a small logo underneath the tonearm's rest position.

The GUNS N' ROSES record player is a statement to our collective love for the analogue music experience. Finished with a clear dust cover and terminated with high-quality Connect-IT E RCA cables, the turntable is immediately ready to connect to any hi-fi system with a phono stage connection.

Key Features:

* Special Artist Series edition of the Essential III A
* Gloss black MDF plinth with GUNS N' ROSES artwork
* Special printed Acryl-IT E platter shows GUNS N' ROSES artwork
* High-quality aluminium tonearm
* Factory-fitted Ortofon OM 10 moving magnet cartridge
* Low-noise 9V motor with built-in AC generator
* Supplied with sturdy dust cover
* Hi-fi quality performance from a world-leading analogue audio company

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