HALFORD Deliver JUDAS PRIEST Classics At First Summer European Appearances

June 10, 2002

HALFORD performed the following set at Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden on Friday, June 7th:

01. Painkiller
02. Jawbreaker
03. Resurrection
04. Made In Hell
05. Locked and Loaded
06. Into the Pit
07. Nailed To the Gun
08. Exciter
09. Sinner
10. Betrayal
11. Golgotha
12. Cyberworld
13. Freewheel Burning
14. The Hellion
15. Electric Eye
16. Riding On the Wind
First Encore:
17. Screaming For Vengeance
18. You've Got Another Thing Coming
Second Encore:
19. Breaking the Law

Meanwhile, HALFORD's longtime personal manager/collaborator John Baxter posted the following message on the band's official forum:

"The 2002 inaugural HALFORD shows are now behind us. And to calm some of the Quorum speculation: yes - over the past 4 weeks, Rob and the band have been secretly plotting and rehearsing the rare, JUDAS PRIEST-dominated sets which were performed this past weekend 'exclusively' for the fans that attended the Sweden Rock Festival in Solvesborg, Sweden on June 7th and Milan Italy's Gods Of Metal Festival on June 8th.

"Truthfully, it was a blast to witness!

"The band literally went on stage in Solvesborg a few hours after ending their 17 hour journey from the U.S., only to undertake a 6 hour trip into Italy immediately after their first 90 minute set in more than 15 months. Each managed maybe 3 hours rest before roaring before a stunned mob in Milano. And each had their own-type nervous energy in preparing themselves to get back on a stage - in front of rabid maniacs - excuse me - the paying audience.

"Why the rare one-offs? Due to the fact we were more than 4 months late in delivering Crucible to the label the release dates are June 24th & 25th for most of the world. And with the information we currently have on hand, we will be returning to Sweden and Italy in a few months. So Rob and the band decided to have a bit of fun.

"Additionally, we want to thank Big Mick, METALLICA's Sound Engineer, for putting so much love into the mixes. The J.P. classics sounded mean as hell.

"What's next? The band are burning to get out the house and away from the studio / rehearsal environments. Over the next 16 days the band will complete work on the various Crucible-dominated set lists which they will perform through January '03.

"Yes, the agents are working on a return to Mexico & South America early next year. Dates for North America, Australia, and the far east are going through their various stages of discussion as well. Like yourselves, the band is anxious to learn where they get routed next, and we'll endeavor to see that you each are able to learn of confirmed touring details in the tour section of the new site before they leak out through other sources.

"To summarize, the band are finalizing their rehearsals over the next couple weeks, and then returning to complete 5 additional European festivals: June 29th - Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen, Germany, July 1st - Rockwave Festival in Athens, Greece, July 3rd - a festival at the Akademic Stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria, July 5th – With Full Force Festival - Leipzig, Germany and Belgium's Graspop Festival on July 6th.

"In closing collectively we say, 'shame on you for obtaining a copy of Crucible through dubious means.' We do hope you're enjoying yourselves, however."

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