HARADWAITH: New Song Available For Streaming

September 5, 2010

HARADWAITH, the German black metal band featuring former ENDSTILLE frontman Iblis, will release its debut album, "Creating Hell", on November 5 via Black Bards Entertainment. The CD was recorded at Jak's Hell studio in Germany, where all the ENDSTILLE albums were tracked.

"Creating Hell" track listing:

01. Devilution
02. Laceration of Flesh
03. Open The Earth
04. Creating Hell
05. Mephistophelian Philosophy
06. Reconstruction Of Chaos
07. Seed Of Judas
08. Thoughts Of Exit
09. Open The Earth (alternate version)
10. Mephistophelian Philosophy (alternate version)
11. Seed of Judas (alternate version)

The song "Devilution" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.


Iblis - Vocals
Raudhrskal - Guitar
Slaktare - Guitar
Vorst - Bass
Erebor - Drums

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