HATEBREED Drummer Checks In

November 19, 2008

Drummer Matt Byrne of the Connecticut hardcore/metal band HATEBREED has issued the following update:

"HATEBREED is in the midst of some time off and I've been keeping myself busy in one way or another.

"First up, I've started my own blog site/web site, CripplingVelocityMusic.com. This site will have video lessons, daily/weekly blogs regarding drums, music, my life, etc. and other good stuff.

"Next up, I tracked a drum solo/instrumental a couple weeks back called 'The Last Man On Earth' for a compilation CD coming out on Rat Pak Records. The comp is called 'Unleashed 4'. All the songs on it are side projects of guys playing in other bands. Very cool idea and I'm glad that Joe (the owner) hit me up and asked me to do my thing and be part of it. It's very different from what I do in HATEBREED. It's still in the vein of heavier music but I definitely get to show some chops and broaden my horizons a little bit. Check out the full track at my personal lMySpace page. I also tracked drums for four more songs for the HATEBREED covers album 'For The Lions'. Not going to spill the beans on what those tracks are (hmmm...maybe a SLAYER song....) but I know that everyone will be super-psyched on them. The album has been pushed back to the spring of '09, but that's OK. Gives us a little more time to make it perfect.

"Next up, I continue to give drum lessons in my time off. All details on that are posted on my personal MySpace page."

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