April 19, 2018

Danish thrash/death metal act HATESPHERE has signed a new deal with Scarlet Records. To honor the band's sights on old-school values and the roots that got them started 18 years ago and to also close the circle of a successful and productive business relationship, HATESPHERE and Scarlet decided to join forces together again for the band's upcoming 10th full-length studio album.

Formed in Aarhus, Denmark by guitarist Peter "Pepe" Hansen in 2000, HATESPHERE is one of a handful of bands reigniting the flame of '80s speed metal by way of the so-called Scandinavian neo-thrash movement (spearheaded by the likes of ARCH ENEMY and THE HAUNTED). The band quickly overpowered the Danish metal scene, while concurrently setting an immeasurable new standard for thrash metal domestically and abroad.

HATESPHERE's first three albums, all of them under the leadership of the Italian label Scarlet Records, upgraded the band's status from local sensation to Europe’s hottest up-and-coming thrash quintet.

Having released six more highly praised sophomore albums via SPV, Napalm and Massacre in the following years and having been able to support those musical jewels by numerous successful tours throughout Europe, Japan, China and the U.S., plus having gathered a number of award nominations, HATESPHERE undeniably did manage to make a stand within the international metal scene.

Even though the band has undergone several lineup changes over the years, it never stopped them — quite the contrary: it motivated them even more to progress both musically and personally.

HATESPHERE is currently recording its new album at Antfarm studios under the direction of longtime collaborator Tue Madsen.


Esben "Esse" Hansen - Vocals
Peter "Pepe" Lyse Hansen - Guitar
Kasper Kirkegaard - Guitar
Jimmy Nedergaard - Bass
Mike Park - Drums

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