HELLION In Writing Mode

January 17, 2003

HELLION's new album, "Will Not Go Quietly", has not yet been released (it is due on Jan. 27 via Massacre),but the group have already commenced the songwriting process for its follow-up.

"The band is about 1/2 done with the writing for yet another new album," frontwoman Ann Boleyn wrote on the band's official web site. "Some of the tentative song titles are 'Two Fires', 'The Big One', 'All Systems Go', and 'Thunder' — however, expect the names to change. I am very 'picky' on how I craft the lyrics because I have to live with them for a long time once they are recorded!"

With regards to the group's touring lineup, Boleyn wrote: "We are still not 100% sure what the touring line-up will be for this summer. Is [guitarist] Ray Schenck in or out for touring? I don't know. He'll always be involved with HELLION in one way or another. But, between you and me, he is a little bit busy right now. Last I heard from him, he was lending a hand to Ronnie James Dio who is writing a new album of his own. (Shhhh! This is kind of a secret! Ray has done this type of thing before. His name should have been included on the last album as a special thanks--but it was left off in error.) Any way, no matter who plays, you all know that the band will be hot. Name one HELLION guitarist that has ever disappointed you?!!!"

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