HELLYEAH Teases New Song

March 30, 2018

HELLYEAH has apparently resumed recording the follow-up to 2016's "Unden!able" album.

Earlier today, drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott posted a short video on Instagram of Tom Maxwell laying down a guitar track on one of the band's new songs.

Like the last two records, "Unden!able" and 2014's "Blood For Blood", the new disc is being recorded at The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada with producer Kevin Churko.

Vinnie Paul revealed in January that HELLYEAH was "close to about halfway" done recording its sixth LP, which he said was sounding "amazing." He added: "Every record since 'Blood For Blood' has just been a big, gigantic mountain for us to build and build and this one has already reached a plateau that I know is gonna be… It's gonna top 'Unden!able'."

According to Vinnie, HELLYEAH had to take a break from recording the new album because "a higher-paying customer" — presumably referring to DISTURBED — hired Kevin and The Hideout "and bumped us out for a month or two, so it kind of slowed us down a little."

Maxwell stated about the musical direction of HELLYEAH's new disc: "Every record that we've done, especially since 'Blood', we've kind of kept the tree growing, growing different branches here and there off the main root, and it's no different with this one. It's gonna be a little bit outside the box, there's gonna be some stuff that people haven't heard from us but will understand that we did it, because we're all over the board, as you know; we don't pigeonhole ourselves as just being full-blown heavy all the time. So it's gonna be a good record, when it comes out, eventually."

As for when fans can expect to see HELLYEAH back on the road, Vinnie said: "The deal is we keep having to turn [tours] down, because we can't get our studio scheduled to jive with what we wanna do. But I really believe by the end of this summer, we're gonna be back on the map, and definitely by fall — definitely by fall."

"Unden!able" marked the first time HELLYEAH's current lineup — Maxwell, Abbott, singer Chad Gray, guitarist Christian Brady and bassist Kyle Sanders — recorded together as a unit.

A "deluxe" edution of "Unden!able" was made last October via Eleven Seven Music as a CD/DVD Best Buy exclusive and CD and live audio digital deluxe. The physical package contains the fan-shot live concert DVD, "We're All In This Together". The digital package contains the live audio from the DVD.

"Unden!able" features three Top 10 U.S. Active Rock singles: "Human", "I Don't Care Anymore" and "Love Falls".

YEAH MAN !!!! Gettin after some new HELLYEAH!!! YEAH MAN 🤘🏼😀🤘🏼

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