HENRY ROLLINS: 'A Preferred Blur' Book Ready For Release

March 26, 2009

A limited-edition pressing of punk rock icon Henry Rollins' new book, "A Preferred Blur", can be pre-ordered at this location. Available only through Henry's online store, it features color photographs, a black cover, and is signed by Henry.

According to Rollins, "The first edition of the book is different than the retail version. Besides the fact that I will be signing and numbering them, the limited edition features a color photo insert. This is the first time we have ever done this. The normal retail version will have black-and-white photos. The limited version has a black cover that matches the limited version of 'A Dull Roar', the retail version will have a green cover. The limited version is mail-order only and will not be sold to retail outlets. The contents of both editions are the same, of course, but if you want the signed, limited edition, this is the time to jump on it as they will go quickly."

"A Preferred Blur' contains "stories and reportage from my travels in 2007," says Henry. "It was a very busy year for me. Some of the countries traveled to include Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan, where I was when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Along with all the travel, there were many shows I performed all over, film work, television and radio stuff as well. Overall, a sleepless and fairly nonstop year, all documented in 'A Preferred Blur'. For people who liked other travel-related books I have done, like 'Smile You're Traveling' and 'Broken Summers', you will probably enjoy this one."

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