How SCORPIONS Ended Up Launching Their Own Whisky

November 7, 2019

A year ago, German heavy rock legends SCORPIONS teamed up with Swedish top distillers Mackmyra to release a ground-breaking whisky, adding a distinct and original German twist to the drink.

Matured in American ex-bourbon barrels as well as former Oloroso sherry casks, but with an additional finish in German sweet cherry wine casks, the Scorpions Rock 'N' Roll Star Single Malt Whisky Cherry Cask is said to contain layers of sweetness from the bourbon, spice from the sherry, and richness from the cherry casks.

Asked by how the SCORPIONS ended up launching their own brand of whisky, guitarist Rudolf Schenker said (see video below): "As fans know, and other people know, we have a new drummer since a few years, and, of course, my philosophy was always from the beginning when I formed the band, good musicians, yes, but also people I can build a friendship with. This philosophy is working until today — especially with [singer] Klaus [Meine]. He came into the band exactly New Year 1969/'70, and from there on, I had the right partner to compose songs and making the strategy of where SCORPIONS are going.

"So, now, why are the SCORPIONS making whisky? Because when [former MOTÖRHEAD drummer] Mikkey Dee came in the band, of course, we became friends and we talked about this and this and this. And I know that MOTÖRHEAD had a lot of stuff like beers and rum and whisky. And Mikkey [said], 'Why you guys don't do a whisky?'

"Of course, we had a long history about whisky, because we used whisky in our songs — 'Catch Your Train', [for] example. And also we had whisky in our dressing room. There was always a rider, saying what do you want. Beer, whisky… And then we came to the point where we [couldn't] control it, especially when we [were] on stage. In '81, '82, we took the whisky out of the rider and put more beer in.

"When we started to get the first example, we started tasting here and there — 'This is not this. It's too strong.' And then we started talking about what can we do to make the whisky special. So we got some examples which we liked. And somehow we missed this little bit our tradition Germany. Then they had an idea — holding it for a few years in German old cherry. And we said yes. We got the result and we said, 'This is the way. Perfect.'"

Bottled at 40% the SCORPIONS whisky is available for purchase through the Mackmyra web site for 66 pound per bottle.

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