Hungarian Black Metal Documentary To Be Released This Month

December 10, 2012

A Hungarian black metal documentary, entitled "Attention! Black Metal!", will be released at the end of this month.

According to a press release, "This documentary shows symphonic black metal by respected musicians like Fernando Ribeiro and Mike Gaspar (MOONSPELL),Ardek (CARACH ANGREN),Miron Chirva (TVANGESTE),Sakis Tolis (ROTING CHRIST) and many more. Fans, academic people, and outsiders are also speaking in the documentary. There will be some surprises like Nigel of HECATE ENTHRONED who doesn’t give interviews but this time he made exception, or two members of BISHOP OF HEXEN reveal their faces, what have never been seen before."

The English version of "Attention! Black Metal!" will be available on December 29, with the Hungarian and Russian editions to follow in the early months of 2013. All versions will be freely downloadable from the movie's web site in 720p HD format.

Synopsis: "People in many cases think that black metal is a mean and satanist way of music making. Others think it's just an unworthy noiesemaking thing which is just a crooked mean to express agression and confronting conduct. The problem is that they don't take a look behind the mask.

"This documentary doesn't want to engage in the deviant behave and doesn't want to be another historical black metal doc. It has some parts from history of black metal and introduces some events of the early '90s, but just as much as it is needed to understand why people look at black metal like a freak of nature. This documentary investigates and shows three important points of this genre.

1. What is black metal? How do the musicians, the fans and the outsiders look at this, and how do they feel the point of it.

2. Black metal as art. How can it be an art and how does the artistic way delineate.

3. Social contexts of black metal. In this point we examine what stereotypes hits black metal and the fans."

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