IAN ASTBURY Has No Future Plans With THE CULT

April 30, 2004

Former THE CULT frontman Ian Astbury recently spoke to Live Daily about his work with THE DOORS OF THE 21ST CENTURY and his upcoming solo album. Asked if he has any future plans with THE CULT, Astbury said, "At the moment, no. We revisited THE CULT after a four-year hiatus, we released an album, and I just felt I was getting back on the wheel again. I felt like I was being railroaded. They wanted me to be a good little rock star. And that's not who I am. ... There were definitely moments that were good, but overall, it was a very unenjoyable experience, which has given me far more resolve to pursue my own things.

"And I am anxious to get out there and perform with my new project. But I want to do it right. I had a band called the HOLY BARBARIANS, but that was when I walked out of THE CULT, and six weeks later I had a band and an album. This time I want to do it properly and take time and consideration with the material and actively look for musicians. And we're not going to run out and sign to some half-assed record company. We're going to retain as much artistic control as possible and do it right."

Read Astbury's entire interview with Live Daily at this location.

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