Injury Forces THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Guitarist To Sit Out U.S. Tour

October 4, 2004

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN guitarist Brian Benoit has suffered a pinched nerve in his arm and has been forced to sit out the group's current U.S. tour. The group's official statement on the matter reads as follows: "Just in case any of you caught the first two shows on our current tour and are wondering how Brian changed from looking like Luke Skywalker into a modern day Krishna (think Ray Cappo),well it's because that isn't Brian. In the most basic terms, Brian is out of commision right now with an arm injury, leaving him unable to play on this current tour, so our buddy James is filling in for him for the next few weeks until after Brian gets surgery and has had time to recover. Brian will still be on the tour hanging out and filling our 'dude with the Luke Skywalker haircut' quotient. And keeping our median age higher then any band we play with. So when you do come out to the shows, which I know you little fuckers will, come bearing gifts, high fives and kisses. Peace out."

Photos of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's October 3 performance with their stand-in guitarist at The Palladium in Worcester, MA have been posted online at

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