IRON FIRE Recording New Album

September 9, 2008

Vocalist Martin Steene of the Danish metal band IRON FIRE has issued the following update:

"We have been in the studio on and off for a couple of months now, and the new album is coming along great. Vocals are almost done now and guitar solos are being recorded every day at Kirk's [Backarach, guitar] place.

"This album will sure be our most dark and aggressive so far.

I have been doing a lot of re-writing on lyrics in the recording process, which I never do, to get it all to fit perfect with the darker feeling of the album. But don't fear, it all still sounds like IRON FIRE — just with a twist of darkness.

"Things are sounding better than ever at this point and can't wait for the mix, which will take place at Jailhouse studio with good old Tommy Hansen in October. Eric Phillipe is once again working on the cover design and its gonna be exiting to see what masterpiece he can come up with this time. The title of the album is not yet decided, but it's not gonna be 'Thunderstorm Pt. 2'.

Here is some of the songtitles so far: 'The Beast From The Blackness', 'Doom Riders', 'The Demon Master', 'Hail To Odin', 'March Of The Immortals'."

IRON FIRE released its fourth album, "Blade of Triumph", in June 2007 via Napalm Records. The CD is the follow-up to "Revenge", which was released in March 2006 via Napalm.

IRON FIRE issued two full-length albums through the Sanctuary/Noise label prior to signing with Napalm: 2000's "Thunderstorm" and 2001's "On the Edge".

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