IRON MAIDEN: 'The Blooper' Spoof Video Released

February 21, 2008

Santeri Ojala, the 32-year-old media artist from Tampere, Finland, who is the madman behind the"Shreds" video series, has unleashed his latest creation: a send-up of IRON MAIDEN. Watch the clip below.

"One day I was watching a video of Steve Vai performing, and the sound was off," Santeri recently told "The whole thing looked kind of funny, I had my guitar in my hands, so for laughs…"

Ojala then took the video and overdubbed a cavalcade of limp bends, mangled runs, and whammy bar work that resembles a sick goose, deftly turning Vai's offerings of chocolate mousse into cow pie. "I've been amazed at the reaction these videos have gotten," says Ojala who has also spoofed Clapton, Van Halen, Slash, Gary Moore, METALLICA, and Santana among others. "I mean, I know I’ve done an okay job, but still."


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