IRON MAIDEN: 'Wildest Dreams' Video Posted Online

August 16, 2003

IRON MAIDEN's video for "Wildest Dreams", the first single off their forthcoming album, has been posted online at the group's official web site. Check it out: Windows Media (High-Speed, Low-Speed),Real Media (High-Speed, Low-Speed). The fully animated video was directed by Howard Greenhalgh, who has previously worked with MUSE and SOUNDGARDEN, among others.

Says vocalist Bruce Dickinson, " 'Wildest Dreams' is about living your life the way you want to live it. When we first heard that Howard was looking to do a fully animated video, we were very excited as we were familiar with his previous work. We saw the first sketches and we knew right away that Howard had got the right feel for what the track needed, loads of energy and movement to complement the song. And we didn't have to appear live in the video! When you first see it you think, 'Hell really looks cool,' then you look closer and then you think, 'Actually, maybe not!' "

The "Wildest Dreams" single, due on September 1, will be released in three limited edition formats, including what will be MAIDEN's first-ever DVD single release. The singles also feature a new studio b-side, "Pass the Jam", and previously unreleased versions of "Blood Brothers" and "The Nomad".

The three single formats are as follows:

CD Single:
01. Wildest Dreams
02. Pass The Jam
03. Blood Brothers (orchestral mix).

DVD Single:
01. Wildest Dreams (promo video - 5.1 and PCM stereo)
02. The Nomad (rock mix)
03. Blood Brother (rock mix)

7" Coloured Vinyl:
A. Wildest Dreams
B. Pass The Jam

IRON MAIDEN's forthcoming album, "Dance Of Death", is due on September 9 (a day earlier internationally) through Columbia Records.

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