IRON MAIDEN's STEVE HARRIS Says Playing Clubs With BRITISH LION Is 'Not A Chore'

February 1, 2020

In a recent interview with the West Virginia radio station Rock 105 WKLC, IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris was asked how it feels to be launching "something new" with his BRITISH LION side project. He responded (hear audio below): "It's a change, and I like a change. Certainly at this level of playing clubs and stuff, I just really enjoy it. It's not a chore for me, going back to this level, at all. Everyone thinks I always fly around on private planes and all that, which is great, and you take that all day long. Touring around in a bus, some of these venues haven't got the facilities that you would expect or would like to have, but it is what it is. And it's not a chore. I enjoy traveling on a bus anyway — always have done. I hadn't really done much of it for quite a few years until I did stuff with BRITISH LION around Europe in a bus. And it's never been a chore for me, 'cause I love traveling anyway. So, yeah — not a chore."

BRITISH LION's second album, "The Burning", was released on January 17 in digipack CD, double gatefold vinyl and digital download formats via Explorer1 Music (E1). The disc was recorded, engineered and mixed at Barnyard Studios by Tony Newton and produced by Steve Harris.

BRITISH LION comprises vocalist Richard Taylor, guitarists David Hawkins and Grahame Leslie, Steve Harris on bass and keyboards and drummer Simon Dawson.

The third and final leg of IRON MAIDEN's "Legacy Of The Beast" tour starts May 1 and plays Oceania, Asia and Europe before wrapping up July 25 in Barcelona.

Harris recently hinted to Billboard that MAIDEN's follow-up to 2015's "The Book Of Souls" may be on the horizon.

"Bruce [Dickinson, vocals] the other day was saying, 'Do you fancy doing some more albums?'" Harris said. "I'm up for it if everyone else is. I don't know quite when we'll dive in and do it, but it's in everybody's minds now."

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