March 24, 2005

David E. Williams of has issued the following report:

Gene Simmons, the fire-breathing, blood-spitting KISS star, just might be the next Spongebob, thanks to his latest project: "My Dad the Rock Star".

The show recently started airing in the United States on the cable channel Nickelodeon, alongside animated favorites like Jimmy Neutron, Rugrats and the Fairly Oddparents.

It's a typical tale of pre-teen rebellion, complete with green hair, tattoos and screams of "turn that music down." Only in this case, dad's the rebel and his son is the one seeking a quiet, normal life.

Simmons, the cartoon's creator and executive producer, said the idea sprang out of a conversation about career day at his son, Nick's, school.

"So you had people coming in with scissors, you know, 'my mom's a hair stylist,' or a toothbrush, 'my dad's a dentist,' and my son came in with a poster of me spewing blood and spitting fire," Simmons said.

That got him thinking about how kids just want to fit in, and led to a deal with Canadian entertainment company Nelvana.

"There are enough social problems with kids trying to find out who they are and so on without having to depend on mom or dad to define who they are," he said.


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