It's Official: SPOCK'S BEARD Drummer To Join FATES WARNING On European Tour

January 19, 2005

As widely expected, legendary progressive metallers FATES WARNING have officially recruited SPOCK'S BEARD drummer Nick D'Virgilio to replace Mark Zonder on their upcoming European tour.

Nick is a first-class drummer and toured with such artists as TEARS FOR FEARS, MIKE KENEALLY, JONATHAN BROOKE, ERIC BURDON, SPOCK'S BEARD, KEVIN GILBERT, DEBARGE and THE LEGENDS OF CLASSIC ROCK (w/ Spencer Davis, Glenn Hughes, John Cafferty, Mike Reno, Bobby Kimball). An interview with Nick regarding his involvement with FATES WARNING follows (as originally posted on How did you get connected to FATES WARNING?

Nick D'Virgilio: "Jim and I have a mutual friend in Mike Portnoy. Mike told Jim about me." I guess it's not the first time for you playing with FATES WARNING. Tell us something about your past experience with the band.

Nick D'Virgilio: I tour with FATES on the tour with DREAM THEATER and QUEENSRŸCHE. We tour around the U.S. for about 5 weeks. What do you think about FATES WARNING's new album "FWX"?

Nick D'Virgilio: "I like it. Lots of great technical music. Ray is singing great." What is your favourite FATES WARNING album?

Nick D'Virgilio: "I think it is 'Disconnected'." your favourite(s) FATES WARNING songs?

Nick D'Virgilio: "'Pieces of Me' is my favorite song but they have a lot of great songs. What do you think about Mark Zonder?

Nick D'Virgilio: "Mark is a great drummer. I have some difficult shoes to fill." Mark's got a very own style of playing and also works a lot with triggers and electronic stuff. As far as i know you normally don't use equipment like this. What can FATES WARNING fans expect? Do you try to do a genuine rendition of Mark's style or are you going to play the songs in your own style, or a mix of both?

Nick D'Virgilio: "Well, it is up to the band really. The last time we played I was able to learn the songs a close as I could and then give them a little bit of my own thing. It worked out well. Joey and I locked in really well together. I didn't use triggers, and to honest, I hope I don't have to, but I will do whatever I need to make the show great for the audience and for the band. Everybody who has ever listened to your band SPOCK'S BEARD knows that you are a amazing drummer. Since the last album, "Feel Euphoria", you also convinced by doing the lead vocals. Are there any plans for you to sing some backing/harmony vocals during the FATES WARNING tour?

Nick D'Virgilio: "They haven't told me to learn any vocal parts yet but I am already doing that anyway:) I would love to sing if the guys need me to." What do you expect from the forthcoming shows? As far as I know, SPOCK'S BEARD never played in any of these countries.

Nick D'Virgilio: "You are right. This should be very interesting and fun. I get to ROCK in places I have never been.' What's your favorite song which you are going to perform live?

Nick D'Virgilio: "I'll know better once we start rehearsing." How much time was given to you to learn the songs?

Nick D'Virgilio: "I just got a disc in the mail with the set list so about a month." How much time does it need to play the complete live set?

Nick D'Virgilio: "I think he shows will be at least 90 minutes but I don't know that for sure." Will you take your beloved Charmin ultra toilet paper across the ocean?

Nick D'Virgilio: "If I can fit it in my suitcase, then you bet!!" Anything you would like to say to the FATES WARNING fans?

Nick D'Virgilio: "This should be a lot of fun. They guys and I got along really well last time out and it should be just as much fun this time around. I will do my best to recreate Mark's great drumming and to make the shows ROCK!!"

As previously reported, DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy will be sitting behind the kit for FATES WARNING during their appearance at the Headway Festival in Amstelveen, Netherlands on April 3.

FATES WARNING European tour dates:

Feb. 16 - Wigwam - Budapest, HUN
Feb. 17 - TBA - Sofia, BUL
Feb. 18 - Vox Music Club - Istanbul, TUR
Feb. 19 - Hydrogios - Thessaloniki, GRE
Feb. 20 - Gagarin 205 - Athens, GRE
Apr. 03 – Headway Festival - Amstelveen, NETH

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