JÖTUN Demo Track Featuring MORS PRINCIPIUM EST Singer Available For Streaming

October 3, 2007

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST singer Ville Viljanen has joined forces with guitarist Mike Greenfield (HEMLOCK, SMOTHER THERESA) in a new project called JÖTUN. An as-yet-untitled demo track is available for streaming on the group's MySpace page.

JÖTUN's lineup, according to the band's MySpace page:

Mike Greenfield (HEMLOCK, SMOTHER THERESA) - Guitars
Tattoo Mike (SIN FOREVER) - Guitars
Seen Weiss (SLAM THEORY) - Bass
Brett 290 Batdorf (GRIMEFIELD) - Drums
Ville Viljanen (MORS PRINCIPIUM EST) - Vocals

According to the group's official bio, a "jötun, in Norse mythology, is a giant, one of a mythological race with superhuman strength, described as standing in opposition to the gods. They prefer caves and dark places to live. The giants represent the forces of the primeval chaos and of the untamed, destructive nature. Their defeats by the hands of the gods represent the triumph of culture over nature, albeit at the cost of eternal vigilance.

"As a collective, giants are often attributed a hideous appearance – claws, fangs, and deformed features, apart from a generally hideous size. Some of them may even have many heads, or an overall non-humanoid shape

"Yet when giants are named and more closely described, they are often given the opposite characteristics. Unbelievably old, they carry wisdom from bygone times. They are considered gods in their time."

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