JACKYL To Release 'Family Reunion - Live In Kansas City' Concert DVD + CD In December

November 24, 2020

Long-running southern hard rockers JACKYL will release a new concert DVD and CD, "Family Reunion - Live In Kansas City". The set was recorded during the band's December 21, 2019 performance at The Midland in Kansas City.

Pre-orders for "Family Reunion - Live In Kansas City" are available now exclusively through JACKYL's fan club, The Chainsaw Mafia (membership is required, but it's free to join). Items will ship beginning on December 11, 2020, and your copy will be autographed.

"Family Reunion - Live In Kansas City" track listing:

01. Blastoff
02. My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass
03. Mental Masturbation
04. Encore
05. Screwdriver
06. Down On Me
07. Push Comes To Shove
08. Just Because I'm Drunk (Don't Mean You're Right)
09. Secret Of The Bottle
10. I Stand Alone
11. When Will It Rain
12. Dirty Little Mind
13. Just Like A Negro (feat. DMC)
14. It's Tricky (feat. DMC)
15. Redneck Punk
16. Cut The Crap
17. The Lumberjack

JACKYL frontman Jesse James Dupree spoke about the DVD during a May 2020 Facebook Live chat. He said: "JACKYL did record a live DVD. And we recorded it — a live concert — at The Midland Theatre in Kansas City in December. It was sold out. There were nine cameras. [There were] 3,000 people in attendance. The place was just electric. We had DMC from RUN-DMC come out and sit in with us. We did 'Just Like A Negro', we did 'It's Tricky'. It was just a special night. It was the last show of the year.

"The cool thing about… You've heard people say before, 'The crowd was the star of the show,' and I've heard that almost cliché over the years," he continued. "But seriously, when you see this DVD, or you see the live stream, or however we end up releasing this thing, when you see it, you're gonna truly see that the crowd was the star of the show. And we were so humbled by the attendance that night, and they sang every word to every song. DMC was there, and he was blown away.

"I'm very proud of it," he added.

JACKYL's latest album, "Rowyco", was released in August 2016 via Mighty Loud Records.

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