July 12, 2020

**July 12 UPDATE** The drum kit has now been sold.

The original article follows below.

Ex-FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH drummer Jeremy Spencer is selling a drum kit he used on tour with his former band.

Spencer posted a photo of the Rad Rod Drums kit on his Instagram, writing in a caption: "Anyone wanna buy this monster? I have no where to store the damn thing lol. 25K plus shipping. U get everything except the riser. Sold as is. I toured it everywhere. DM me. Serious inquiries only. #ratroddrums"

More pictures of the drums can be found at Drummer Visions Magazine.

Spencer, who co-founded FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH with guitarist Zoltan Bathory, underwent back surgery in the fall of 2018 that required a significant recovery period. In announcing his exit from the group, he said: "The rigorous physical wear and tear has worn down my body to the point where I feel I can no longer deliver a performance you great fans deserve and one that brings me satisfaction and joy."

Asked in a recent interview with Music Mayhem Magazine for an update on his condition, Jeremy said: "I had degenerative discs in my back from years of physical drumming forcing me to get disc replacement surgery and fusion. That surgery was a setback and really took a toll on me mentally as well as physically. I'm so much better now. A year has gone by and I'm back to working out with a trainer and can actually be mobile again, which is something we all take for granted."

Spencer's replacement in FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is Charlie "The Engine" Engen. Engen made his recording debut with the band on the "F8" album, which came out in February.

Spencer is currently the frontman of a new rock band called PSYCHOSEXUAL, which will release its debut album, "Torch The Faith", on July 31 via Jeremy's independent imprint 6ex Records.