August 5, 2002

Former ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently spoke to Launch about the experience of opening up for CREED after teaming with NICKELBACK on the road earlier this year.

"We've only been with [CREED] for a few weeks now so we're just kind of getting to know each other," Cantrell said. "I've met all the guys and spent some time with probably (fill-in CREED bassist) Brett (Hestla) the most I guess. He's pretty good friends with the guys who are in my band and so he's been hanging out quite a bit. They seem fine. They put on a good show. We're having a great time, and we're taking advantage of the opportunity."

On his experience with NICKELBACK, Cantrell said, "I went up and played with them a couple of times, and I had the guys come up and play with us on some ALICE IN CHAINS tunes. I never really knew much about their band until I signed with Roadrunner and met them at the Christmas party at Roadrunner before I had signed with them and we had a real fun time on the tour. It was a good thing."

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