JIMI HENDRIX House On Shaky Ground

February 1, 2005

Kathy Mulady of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that the Seattle house where legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix once lived needs a new home. Again. And soon.

But members of a foundation that owns the home say they have nowhere to move it. They are worried that the city will demolish it.

Three years ago the dilapidated house, owned by Hendrix's father from 1953 until 1956, was moved a few blocks from its original Central Area address to make way for a housing development.

The city offered a vacant lot on South Jackson Street, giving supporters a chance to find a permanent location or buy the land and fix up the house. At the time, the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation said it wanted to turn the home into a youth center focusing on music. The foundation's offices, or maybe housing, would be upstairs.

The location at 2010 S. Jackson St. seemed perfect.

Now the house is falling apart, and the foundation maintains that the city changed its mind about selling the property.

But the city said the foundation never offered a proposal to buy the property. City officials want to end the month-to-month lease and take back the land. The foundation has until Feb. 22 to move the house.

"There are other potential opportunities associated with the site; we need to extinguish this lease, and are asking them to remove the house from the site," said John Franklin, director of departmental operations for the mayor's office. Read more.

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