JIMMY PAGE: Rock Is Coming Back, But LED ZEPPELIN Isn't

July 25, 2003

In an exclusive interview with Britain's Sun, LED ZEPPELIN guitar legend Jimmy Page made it clear that while he feels that rock is back, its revival won't include a reunited ZEPPELIN — at least for now.

"The group members have not actually discussed [a possible reunion]," Page said. "Everyone thinks we're doing it and it's really aggravating because if there was going to be a tour, we'd make an announcement. It's got nothing to do with us and it's absolutely annoying. It won't happen until such time as we've had a chance to talk about it musically. We'd do it quite clandestinely and see whether it's a going concern. Just because the last project has been a success it doesn't mean we'd be more inclined to do it."

With regards to his feelings on the state of the current music scene, Page said, "Rock is coming back. It's about bands having a real honest live feel in the music. Bands like THE WHITE STRIPES, I love them. There's such a buzz about them, it's great. Their latest album is brilliant. It doesn't surprise me, it's the essence and energy of rock that kicked everything off in the 1950s in the first place, the sort of thing we had in the 1970s and then with the punk thing. THE WHITE STRIPES are all part of that. When things are getting a bit stale, this whole thing comes crashing down and wakes people up. I think it could well be a reaction against manufactured pop but I like to think it's the healthy side of rock resurfacing again when things get boring. 'Pop Idol' and the manufactured stuff is entertainment. It doesn't repulse me and I know what's entertaining for me may not be entertaining for others. It may not be my cup of tea but I can understand why it's an addictive thing to watch and why people are into it. It's nothing I would relate to, though."

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