JOHN CORABI Urges Gun Control Reform: 'Stop With The Thoughts And Prayers And F***ing Do Something'

June 7, 2022

Former MÖTLEY CRÜE frontman John Corabi has blasted the U.S. Congress for being unwilling or unable to pass substantial federal legislation to curb gun violence in America. Speaking to Australia's Silver Tiger Media, the 63-year-old singer, who lives in Nashville, said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "It's really funny. They were just talking about it on the news. Ninety percent — it's a pretty big number — but ninety percent of Americans are okay with stricter gun policies. Not taking the guns away — just stricter policies in the purchase of. So you look at that and you go, 'Wait, ninety percent. Okay, well, they should be able to sit down at a table and pass the law.' But for some reason, that ten percent and these NRA companies, like these lobbyists, have completely paid off all these politicians in Washington. And they're, like, the same guys are, like, 'Our thoughts and prayers are with the families. Our thoughts and prayers are with the communities.' And it's just, like, 'Dude, stop with the thoughts and prayers and fucking do something so that our kids feel a little safer going to school.' And it'll never get done."

Corabi made his comments just a couple of weeks after a mass shooting in a Uvalde, Texas elementary school resulted in the deaths of at least 19 children and two adults. The massacre came only 10 days after an 18-year-old gunman in body armor killed 10 shoppers and workers at a supermarket in a predominantly black area of Buffalo, New York.

Whenever there's a mass shooting, the ongoing debate over gun control comes back into the national spotlight. But amid all the arguing and finger-pointing that always accompanies a topic this controversial, nothing seems to break the legislative stalemate that exists on this issue.

According to CNN, the number of U.S. deaths from gun violence in 2019 was about 4 per 100,000 people. That's 18 times the average rate in other developed countries. Multiple studies show access to guns contributes to higher firearm-related homicide rates.

Corabi isn't the only rock musician who has called on lawmakers to enact stricter gun control. Four years ago, LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe demanded action instead of just thoughts and prayers after a troubled former student opened fire with a military-style rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

He wrote: "No more 'thoughts and prayers,' please. You can take those and put them towards something that only God, fate, random chance, the universe, whatever you believe/do not believe in can affect — they might do some good there.

"Instead of 'thinking and praying,' here's a CONCRETE ACTION you can take — you can contact your legislators and DEMAND that there be some reasonable, common-sense gun law changes. DEMAND IT AND KEEP DEMANDING IT.

"Most of the American people, including a lot of gun owners, want this. Why isn't this happening? How many more kids have to die until WE THE PEOPLE get fed up enough to force the government to do something?

"The time for 'thoughts and prayers' is long past — it's a slap in the face of people who continue to die as a result of crazy people armed with LEGALLY obtained high-powered semiautomatic weapons, weapons that are designed for JUST ONE THING — killing human beings.

"I grew up in the country with guns in the house — these were shotguns, used for hunting. You don't use an AR-15 for hunting deer, you use it for hunting MEN or (apparently) CHILDREN.

"Some people don't like the term 'assault rifle.' Okay, cool — why don't we call them 'Kid Killers' then? Is that a little better? Can we get a little KID KILLER control happening? Is it still 'too early' to start talking about getting these KID KILLERS off the streets? Are the students who survived the massacre in Florida and who are publicly begging us, the adults in charge of things, for gun law reform 'politicizing' the whole thing? Is it 'too early' for THEM to bring it up? Should we just tell them to shut up because they are children and don't understand adult matters, stuff like why crazy people can easily buy assault rifles and then SHOOT THEM DEAD in the classroom?


A year and a half ago, Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach called on politicians to address gun violence in America after a string of mass shootings, including one that killed 10 people in Colorado. Snider took to his Twitter to respond to a four-week-old tweet from staunch Second Amendment supporter Lauren Boebert, who represents Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, in which she wrote: "The people who think we need more gun control are the same people who think the 'AR' in 'AR-15' stands for assault rifle." The TWISTED SISTER singer fired back: "I thought it stood for 'You AR a fucking idiot!' - sincerely, Dee Snider. Proud gun owner, 2nd amendment advocate AND BELIEVER IN INTELLIGENT GUN CONTROL!!! If you need an AR-15 for self are a terrible shot."

Bach apparently agreed with Snider, sharing Dee's tweet and writing: "The people that believe that it's the year 1776 & the 2nd Amendment applies literally in 2021 do not understand the difference between a Musket and an AR-15." The ex-SKID ROW frontman also replied to a 2019 tweet from former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in which she wrote: "Democrats say we have guns in America because of 'corruption'. No, we have guns because it's our God-given right enshrined in the Constitution." Sebastian tweeted: "God does not give a shit about guns and he does not give a shit about what you say. Stop using God to justify murder and your ignorance".

Bach had previously voiced his views on guns several times, including in August 2019 after back-to-back mass shootings in the United States left at least 29 dead and 53 injured in Texas and Ohio. At the time, Bach repeatedly lambasted then-President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Vice President Mike Pence and other Republican leaders for their inaction on gun regulation. "You and your useless Republican party don't give a fuck about the safety of the citizens of the USA," the singer wrote in response to a tweet of consolation from Ohio senator Rob Portman. "Your 'prayers' are a slap in the face to the 30 people who were mowed down yesterday because of your uselessness."

Several other high-profile musicians have called on lawmakers to take action when it comes to gun laws in the United States, including Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT), Paul Stanley (KISS), Nikki Sixx (MÖTLEY CRÜE) and Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT).

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