June 6, 2013

According to The Pulse Of Radio, LED ZEPPELIN bassist John Paul Jones has his sights on a new opera — not a reunion with his former bandmates. The ZEPPELIN fan-base has been drooling over Robert Plant's recent comments to Australia's "60 Minutes", which insinuated that it wasn't him who's holding the band back from reuniting and that his 2014 schedule is clear. Jones revealed to Red Carpet TV News that his upcoming original opera is based on August Strindberg's "The Ghost Sonata", and admitting, "It's unlike anything else. It's the emotion, the passion."

Jones, who is halfway through the opera's first act, revealed that he has no time for any serious live work, saying, that he only has time "to do little gigs that I don't have to prepare too much for." Regarding the prospects of ZEPPELIN reuniting in 2014, Jones said, flat out: "2014's full of opera for me at the moment."

John Paul Jones told The Pulse Of Radio that writing on his own is entirely different than collaborating as part of a band. "It's just a different process," he said. "You really can fine-tune an idea that you have, and take care of every aspect, exactly the way you want it. The downside is, of course, that you don't get the input that will change it into something else entirely. You don't know how it's gonna end up. If you do a song yourself, you've got a pretty good idea of how it's gonna end up."

Robert Plant meanwhile, credits his creative resurgence to the people and musicians in the Nashville scene, telling LA Weekly, "I have had an amazing education the last few years. The time I spent around all of those men and women was an eye-opening experience. The thing about working with musicians in Nashville is that they generally are always moving on to the next thing.. . . For the last year or so I've been writing quite a lot, and I like the way my voice sounds now. It's not the same as it was years ago. I'm not a castrato anymore but I've learned to get down into that pocket and have it sound good. So here I go again."

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