JON OLIVA's 'TAGE MAHAL To Release Three-Record Series

May 29, 2004

SAVATAGE mastermind Jon Oliva and his 'TAGE MAHAL solo project have announced the beginning of what will now be a three-record series released over the next few years. "Metal lovers all over the globe can expect the first release of Volume I in September/October of this year followed by a systematic and timely release of the following two records," reads an official press release. "Jon has already begun writing music for Volume II There are plans to begin work on the second release in December 2004, with the very real goal of releasing this second installment in time to perform at some of the major European festivals for 2005. Volume III will follow along the same time line as I and II. Once that task has been complete, 'TAGE MAHAL will release a box-set of all three volumes along with DVDs of both live performances and the comedic studio/touring footage from those three records.

"Volume 1 is now mixed/mastered and we hope to announce an official release in the coming weeks. The artwork is near completion and once SPV [Records] has received the 'complete package,' they will set the release date for the debut ablum from 'TAGE MAHAL."

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