JUNGLE ROT Releases Video For 'The Unstoppable' From 'What Horrors Await' Reissue

March 30, 2018

Midwest death metal titans JUNGLE ROT have released a brand new video for "The Unstoppable", from their long out-of-print album "What Horrors Await". The 14-track underground classic will debut on vinyl format for the first time worldwide on Record Store Day, April 21.

"Filming the point-of-view aspect from a tank made this video so much better," states JUNGLE ROT frontman Dave Matrise. "Instead of performing with instruments, we came up with the idea of each JUNGLE ROT soldier inside their own tank — mercilessly fighting and communicating to each other back and forth like killing machines. The lyrics are actually about a rolling death machine and she's called 'The Unstoppable', the bloodiest, most bad-ass beast you've ever seen! Doing the camo face paint is something that I wanted to do for a while and it really captured the whole feel we were going for. Prepare for a total alpha-strike, war-gore cloud of fear with a stop-at-nothing attitude in the thick of battle!"

On the reissued album, Matrise points out: "When we first released 'What Horrors Await' in 2009, it was a one-time deal with a limited run. CDs never made it to the U.S. and were sold only in Europe where the previous label was based. 'What Horrors Await' has always been JUNGLE ROT's most sought-after album with fans often paying ridiculous amounts of money for it on eBay. It's really been a rare and collectible album. We're so glad it's now out on our home label Victory Records, it will give everybody a chance to finally hear this monstrous release."

JUNGLE ROT storms into Canada next week for its first shows of 2018, in anticipation of the band's tenth studio album (set for a spring release). "We feel lucky to be able to express ourselves through so many albums and I'm hoping our fans will never tire of meat and potatoes metal!" admits guitarist Geoff Bub, as bassist James Genenz adds, "We've got quite a fire under our collective asses and we're psyched to get this album out! This is going to be a nasty record!"

"What Horrors Await" reissue track listing:

01. Worst Case Scenario
02. The Unstoppable
03. Straightjacket Life
04. State Of War
05. Two Faced Disgrace
06. End Of An Age
07. Speak The Truth
08. What Horrors Await
09. Nerve Gas Catastrophe
10. Braindead
11. Atrocity
12. Exit Wounds
13. Invincible Force (DESTRUCTION cover)
14. Black Candle Mass

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