KISS: SEAN DELANEY's Book Still In The Works

February 16, 2004

The following item was posted at the KISS fan site

"Over the last few months, a lot of bullshit regarding Sean Delaney's upcoming autobiography — tentatively titled 'Hellbox' — has been going around on the net, with someone even posting a fake manuscript a while ago that supposedly was taken from Sean's book stating all kinds of nonsense. Truth of the matter is that when Sean Delaney (one of the masterminds behind the KISS concept) passed away on April 13 of last year, his book wasn't finished yet. Not too long before Sean's sudden death, former KISS and Sean Delaney manager Bill Aucoin had joined forces with Sean to work on the book, of which the working title at that stage was 'Hellbox'. As Sean's family doesn't want to rush the release of the book, or jump on the bandwagon of whatever KISS hype now that their 2003 tour has been one of the 10 most successful tours last year, the book won't be out for a long time. It might even take like a year before it will be on the shelves of bookstores.

"The latest news is that a small team of his closest friends are putting together time and effort to make sure that tribute will be paid to his achievements. Several concepts and ideas are floating around but no final decisions have been made about the final format or release date. Involved in all this are Sean's family plus Bill Aucoin and KISS Kollector's U.S. correspondent Jacques van Gool. Through his new auction firm Backstage Auction, Jacques van Gool is also doing a Sean Delaney auction on behalf of Sean's family, which will end on February 15th. The heirs of his estate (one niece and two nephews) have decided to share a number of Sean's personal belongings. The auction not only includes KISS material, but also items from Sean's solo career, and includes gold/platinum record awards (including a gold award for the box set that Gene Simmons personally handed to Sean's family at the funeral on April 19 of last year in Orem, Utah),test pressings, original artwork from the Marvel comics, royalty statements and much, much more. Fans who are interested in this auction, can ask for a list by e-mailing [email protected]

"And while still on the topic of Sean Delaney, some fans still seem to wonder what he died of. Technically, he died of a stroke that he suffered early April. He had multiple 'elements' that had weakened him prior to his stroke and given his poor health, his heart couldn't keep up. He slipped into a coma on April 12, 2003 and passed away the next day..."

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