LIMP BIZKIT: Russian TV Report, Backstage And Behind-The-Scenes Footage Available

May 29, 2009

A Russian TV report that aired on the A1 channel featuring footage from LIMP BIZKIT's May 27, 2009 concert in Saint Petersburg, Russia can be viewed below. Also available is backstage and behind-the-scenes/hotel footage from the same show.

Check out photos of the gig from Russia's Darkside e-zine.

The group's setlist was as follows:

01. Intro
02. My Generation
03. Livin' It Up
04. Show Me What You Got
05. Hot Dog
06. DJ Lethal Theme
07. Almost Over
08. Re-Arranged
09. Break Stuff
10. Boiler
11. Just Like This
12. Full Nelson
13. Pollution
14. My Way
15. Faith
16. Behind Blue Eyes
17. Nookie
18. Take A Look Around
19. Rollin'

LIMP BIZKIT's "Unicorns N' Rainbows" reunion tour kicked off on May 20 in Riga, Latvia.

LIMP BIZKIT's Fred Durst and Wes Borland were featured in a March 2009 episode of rapper Snoop Dogg's variety talk show, "Dogg After Dark", which airs on MTV.

Regarding the band's decision to reunite for the current tour and upcoming studio album, Durst said, "When you have the chemistry, or something that really works, you can go away for a while and do your thing, but LIMP BIZKIT will never work like it's supposed to work without the original DNA. The band sounds doper than we ever have, it's tighter than it's ever been, there's something happening — something very special happening with us. We needed that break, and now we're back, and it feels like we're stronger than ever."

LIMP BIZKIT's first three albums have sold over 20 million copies in the U.S. alone, and another 13 million in the rest of the world.

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