LIMP BIZKIT's FRED DURST: It's Incredible To Know I Was Once So Precious

March 26, 2002

An update from LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst:

“It's a month later and I'm writing news again. But I've come to the conclusion that I'm not reporting any news half the times I post something in here. So this time is just a big waste of your time :o) I had lunch with Rick Rubin today. He's a very cool and smart man. My drummer [John Otto]'s birthday party is [on March 23rd] at a bowling alley. [LIMP BIZKIT bassist] Sam [Rivers] is in Florida for a week. Lethal is in his studio making beats. I'm chillin' in my hotel room making demo songs. I guess that's news, right? Anyway... I've been spending some valuable time with my son Dallas. He is an angel. It's incredible to know that I was once so precious. My daughter Adriana is coming out to L.A. for spring break. I'm gonna take her to Magic Mountain. They let me go in the exit of each ride and jump on in, right in the front. People get mad sometimes but I'm stoked!! LIMP BIZKIT just set up to rehearse in a seventies house in Beverly Hills. It's sooooo tacky. We love that. I think it was owned by the man who produced Gone With The Wind. Wild!! It's a pink house that hasn't been touched since the 1970's. We'll see what vibe comes of it. THE REVOLUTION SMILE will be touring with PUDDLE OF MUDD soon. Totally different kinds of music, but very inspiring. They (THE REVOLUTION SMILE) will start their new album soon after that. I think Butch Vig is going to produce it!! That's incredible!! Well, I guess this really is the f.cking news, 'cuz all I did is report the news. I suck!!"

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