June 16, 2008

LINKIN PARK frontman Chester Bennington has dismissed rumors that he has been tapped to replace Scott Weiland as the new singer of VELVET REVOLVER.

In an exclusive interview for this week's Kerrang! magazine, Bennington said, "I'm friends with all the guys in VELVET REVOLVER and have played with all of them before. I'm friends with Scott too. I think the rumour that I was going to join VELVET REVOLVER started because Slash asked me if I'd come play a show with them in Vegas right around the time that Scott left the band. Timing-wise, it didn't work out for me, though. Maybe people assumed that invitation meant I was joining the band."

"It would be very uncomfortable for me to join that band because I'm friends with all of them, including Scott," Bennington continues. "If I was even going to do just one show, or record just one song with them, I'd have to know it was okay with my band, all those guys and Scott too.

That said, if Bennington didn't have prior commitments or wasn't friends with all parties, he'd jump at the chance:

"If I wasn't in LINKIN PARK anymore and I didn't know Scott, though, I'd say yes," he says. "Who wouldn't? The music is great and it would be a really cool opportunity."

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