LIONSHEART Bounce Back With New Lineup, Album

August 5, 2003

LIONSHEART, the early '90s British melodic rock outfit fronted by former GRIM REAPER/ONSLAUGHT singer Steve Grimmett, have completed work on a new album, "Abyss", due later in the year through an as-yet-undisclosed label.

"Abyss" was recorded at the Warehouse Studio in Oxford, U.K. throughout May/June 2003 and was engineered by Steve Watkins.

The complete track listing for "Abyss" (view cover artwork here) is as follows:

01. Screaming
02. Nightmare
03. All I Got
04. I Need Love
05. How Can I Tell You?
06. I'm Alive
07. Don't Waste My Time
08. If You Cut Me
09. Save Me
10. Witchcraft
11. How Long?
12. Abyss

Low-quality Real Audio clips of the tracks "How Can I Tell You?", "I Need Love" and "Nightmare" can be heard at this location.

Grimmett, who has kept a relatively low profile since the release of LIONSHEART's sophomore effort, "Pride In Tact" in 1994, recently commented on the lengthy delay between the group's last two albums:

"To cut a very long story short, I got totally pissed off with the people I was working for and with," the singer said. "I felt I became a meal ticket for every one. I became physically and mentally drained, and my life became a world full of shit, so I hid from it all. I found myself in bars and pubs falling further down. [Guitarist] Ian [Nash] had been on to me to record songs with him but at that time I didn't listen to any kind of music at all, so I put him off several times. Then just to get him off my back, I agreed to record a song with him. As we progressed with the song, I liked it more and more and I found working with Ian awesome! We click, as I'm sure you can tell from the songs on the album. But before all that, he got me to go along to a form of martial arts called Aikido, this taught me to be calm and coordinated and slowly but surely I got myself together through Aikido and got myself to black belt. This album has taken a long time to get finished and has had a lot of trials along the way. I wanted to get a band together that would stand the test of time, not quit at the moment you are about to start something. You wouldn't believe the amount of people we lost along the way! Well chaps [referring to past members and business associates], it got finished without you, and in my opinion better, so thanks for quitting along the way. You have made this band what I wanted it to be."

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