LORDI: Release Date Set For 'The Arockalypse'

November 24, 2005

Drakkar has set a March 3, 2006 release date for the new album from Finland's LORDI, entitled "The Arockalypse". The CD will feature guest appearances by former ACCEPT frontman Udo Dirkschneider (on "They Only Come Out at the Night") and ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick (on "Snowing in Hell").

"Udo has my absolute favourite heavy metal voice," said LORDI leader Mr. Lordi. "I saw U.D.O. on the 'Animal House' tour in 1998. I was there in the first row, and since that I've been to every single U.D.O. and ACCEPT gig in Finland. His voice has influenced me a lot. I'm sure that some fans may have noticed how I sometimes desperately try to imitate his singing style," Mr. Lordi laughed.

Regarding Bruce Kulick's appearance on the CD, LORDI guitarist Amen said, "We are all huge KISS fans, so to co-operate with a legend like Mr. Kulick is the greatest honor we could get! I remember when I was a kid and I saw KISS's video 'Who Wants to Be Lonely' where Bruce Kulick is playing a solo in a shower. Well, of course I wanted to be like him! Me and my friends went to my parents' garden, and while the others spurted water all over me I was playing a guitar — it was a lot of fun! This is something I never could have imagined, even in my wildest dreams. To play guitar on the same track with Bruce Kulick is just unbelievable."

"Without KISS, we wouldn't have our little band", added Mr. Lordi. "I grew up in the '80s, and I grew up with KISS with Bruce in the group. So, for me personally in some way, Bruce Kulick is the 'real' lead guitarist of KISS! Also, KISS's musical influence on LORDI comes primarily from the Eighties lineup."

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