MÖTLEY CRÜE Bassist To Perform With SALIVA In Hollywood

March 26, 2003

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx will join SALIVA on stage for "a song or two" during their appearance at the House Of Blues in Hollywood, California on Friday, March 28. Sixx co-penned the new SALIVA single, "Rest in Pieces", with James Michael and made a cameo appearance in the video for the track, which is featured on the group's current CD, "Back Into Your System".

SALIVA frontman Josey Scott recently spoke to RockRage.com about his friendship with the CRÜE mainman. "It's kind of surreal," he said. "It's confusing 'cause he's my buddy and I'll be talking to him like buddies and we'll be shootin' the shit and then I'll go, 'Damn. This is Nikki Sixx.' He's equally accommodating as a friend and as an idol. When we're being buddies and talking about real shit, talking about his wife, his kids or my kids or a situation in my life or what should I do, advice. And then I can just bust in to, 'Man! I remember when you all…,' you know?"

In other news, Sixx recently spoke to Classic Rock Revisited about the possibility of a MÖTLEY CRÜE reunion tour in the not-too-distant future.

"I think that if MÖTLEY is to go out and tour then everyone will have to be what they once were but better or there won't be a tour. That is simply it. We want this to be the best MÖTLEY CRÜE ever. Vince Neil is the greatest frontman I have ever performed with. Mick Mars is a monster on guitar. Tommy [Lee] is the craziest sane drummer I have ever met. We do something that nobody else does. I want that one more time for everybody. I want to call it a farewell. It may not happen but I am willing if all the pieces are in place."

Sixx also addressed the widespread reports that CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars' failing health was a factor in the band's decision to take an extended break from the touring front.

"Mick is doing so much better [now]," he said. "His health has really turned around. He is mobile and he is playing again. To be honest with you, it would have been impossible for MÖTLEY to tour. We don't have our original drummer and our guitar player is ill. We needed this downtime. We needed the time after all these years to unplug and re-evaluate."

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