March 9, 2003

MACHINE HEAD frontman Robert Flynn has once again lashed out at SLAYER guitarist Kerry King over the latter's incessant public criticisms of MACHINE HEAD's recent recorded output and attacks on the group's integrity. In an interview posted at MACHINE HEAD's official web site (,Flynn responds to a question about how the whole feud between the two former friends started.

"You want to know how this whole thing started? (long pause) About the time that 'Supercharger' got released, maybe a little before, we started reading all these interviews where Kerry's talking shit about us," Flynn said. "And at first it was kinda just dumb shit... 'MACHINE HEAD sucks'... 'Robb sings like a fag now'... blah, blah, blah. It was his opinion, we didn't care, he's entitled to it. But you know... We were kinda trippin', we considered this guy our friend, and all of a sudden...

"Anyways, we talk about it and we decide we're not gonna say anything about it in the press. We're like, 'Maybe he's just going through a phase or something.'

"So six months or so go by and he's still talking shit in interviews, but now it's like, they don't even have to ask him about MACHINE HEAD, he'll just start in on us. A magazine will be like, 'So Kerry, how's the weather down in Los Angeles?' and Kerry will be like, 'Oh yeah, the weather's great, and by the way, MACHINE HEAD fuckin' SUCKS!!!' (laughter) And we're like... What the fuck, man? Where's all that coming from? But again, we talk about it, and again we decide not to say anything in the press, because... (long pause ) This guy was like our idol. We had posters of this guy on the wall in our jam pad... It was weird.

"So three or four more months pass by, and he's 'still' going at us. And now man, he just starts getting a little too fuckin' mouthy. It's no longer, 'MACHINE HEAD sucks' and 'Robb sings like a fag'. Now it's 'MACHINE HEAD are sell-outs,' 'They're responsible for rap-metal,' 'They fooled me into thinking they're metal,' 'They have no integrity left.' And we're like, 'WHOA!!!!!! What the fuck!?' Fuck this motherfucker!!! How fuckin' dare you accuse us have having no integrity?! Oh, Mr. SUM 41 video has so much fuckin' integrity now!? Shit?!

"So I said fuck this, and I fired some rounds back. And I don't pull any punches. I fuckin' ROASTED his ass, period, and he knows it. He just can't take it like a man, and leave it at that. He's still taking dumb little shots at me in the press, 'Duh, his hair looks like Anselmo now, Duh, he's trying to copy him.'

"Whatever man. I'm over it. O-ver it. You want to know how I feel? This whole thing just disappoints me. I'm disappointed in him that he had to bring it to this."

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