MARILYN MANSON Calls Wrongful Death Lawsuit "Completely Baseless"

April 6, 2002

MARILYN MANSON's official web site at has posted the following statement regarding the recent wrongful death lawsuit filed against the singer by the mother of actor Keanu Reeves' late girlfriend Jennifer Syme accusing the frontman of supplying her daughter with cocaine and encouraging her to drive while inebriated.

MARILYN MANSON has reviewed the lawsuit filed by Maria St. John (the mother of deceased Jennifer Syme),seeking to hold MANSON responsible for Syme's death as a result of a solo car crash which occurred in the early morning hours of April 2, 2001. MANSON describes as 'completely false' St. John's allegation that he furnished to Syme what St. John's lawsuit describes as 'various quantities of an illegal controlled substance.'

MANSON believes that the lawsuit is completely unfounded and is investigating an immediate counter-suit against St. John for slander, harassment and abuse of the legal process. 'This lawsuit, which is completely without merit, will not bring back Jennifer's life. It serves only to reopen the wounds and the pain felt by all who loved Jennifer. It is a pity that St. John sullies her own daughter's reputation by filing this baseless claim.'

“After MANSON and his five guests finished an evening at the movies followed by a quiet get-together at his home, he made sure Syme received a safe ride home from a designated driver and went to sleep.”

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